Operating rules

For the longest possible operation of the gate, it is enough to follow a few simple rules that explain how to use and care for the gate:

  • When manually opening it is not necessary to make sudden movements and jerks. Do not use a lot of effort – the gate should open easily.
  • When remote opening watch the process – there should be no hitches, sudden changes or vibrations.
  • Urgent inspection should be carried out in the event of vibration and noise when the gate is opened.
  • Do not interfere with the operation of gates equipped with automatic devices until the power supply is completely turned off.
  • Regardless of the design of the gate, they need regular technical inspection.
  • Do not stand and do not pass under the gate at the time of their opening or closing until the moment of a full stop.
  • Without the equipment and skills, do not try to fix it yourself, at least what awaits you in this case – failure of the depreciation group.

Compliance with these recommendations will significantly increase the operational period of the gate.

Which gate is better: rolling, rolling or sectional

In this case, it all depends on the personal preferences of the client, as well as the characteristics of operation in a particular place. However, special attention should be paid to sectional doors, because they have a sufficient margin of safety. Technical characteristics of sectional doors are able to provide comfortable operating conditions in various conditions.

And yet, in our opinion, the most important thing is the installation of sectional doors, no matter what manufacturer, what spring mechanisms – any gate can be spoiled by poor-quality installation, regardless of manufacturer and configuration.

Garage door sizes and prices

The cost of comparable models is about the same and varies depending on the materials and components used. http://www.contactors4garage.com/costs-for-garage-door-tasks.html
The cost of garage doors with the stretch type of springs, as a rule, is 5% cheaper than the gate with the torsion mechanism, so when choosing a gate, specify which spring mechanisms they offer to you.