Four Funky Japanese Fashion Trends For Adventurous Fashionistas

The Japanese are known for their sushi, anime and their nifty gadgets, but aside from these, there’s another thing that makes this country fascinating: their street fashion. Gone are the days when Japanese wear conservative kimonos and yukatas; now, they turn to funky, sometimes outrageous, fashion trends that’ll shock even the most deviant fashionistas. Interested? If you think you’re daring enough, then try these amazing Japanese street getups.

The Elegant Gothic Lolita

Looking for something cute with a mix of rock and roll culture? Then, this look will suit you. Often called Gothic Lolita or EGL, this trend began as early as 1999, and became famous among female teens. The fashion is recognized by baby doll costumes in black and white or red hues, and mixed with Gothic accessories. Think barbie doll meets Amy Lee. Or maybe Alice In Wonderland meets French Maid. The Elegant Gothic Lolita is a very glamorous and pretty look, reason why many non-Japanese folks stop to take pictures of these adorable real-life dolls.

How To Get This Look:
The style often combines black and white, for an elegant appearance. Arm yourself with plenty of lace, ribbons and frills. Knee-length skirts are common with fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots or shoes. Also, here’s a helpful Elegant Gothic Lolita guide or read how to dress like a gothic lolita.

The Injured Idol Fetish

When people get injured, they wear bandages. When Japanese want to look fashionable, they do the same. This is the kegadoru (translated as “injured idols”) fashion, where women wrap bandages all over their arms and put patches to cover one eye. The look, they say, makes them more appealing to men and gives them more attention. If you’re covered in bandages, well, expect to get that response.

How To Get This Look:
Just wrap regular bandages and cover one eye with an eye patch, like a pirate. Take note of the color of the bandages; black is for wickedness, while white is for purity. Don’t wear red ones, though, or you’ll find yourself being rushed to the hospital.

The Mountain Witch Getup

Mountain witches are scary, but not when you’re in Japan. Believe it or not, some women even dress up to imitate them. It’s called the “yamanba”, coming from the famous “ganguro” fashion. Ganguro of course, is the trend where girls wear thick bronzers and dark foundation to make themselves look tan, and then pairing them with bleached yellow hairstyles. They aim to imitate blond and tanned California beach girls. Yamanba takes this fashion craze a step higher. Yamanba followers wear more outrageous glittery makeup, white eyeshadows around the eyes and white lipstick. They wear bold clothes, talking and laughing loudly, as they walk the busy streets.

How To Get This Look:
Just because it’s mountain witch-inspired doesn’t mean yamanba looks grimy and old-fashioned. Aside from the tan and white makeup, wear brightly colored contacts, neon-colored plastic clothing. Dangling stuffed animal accessories are also part of this fad.

To learn more about Yamanba, watch this Japanorama episode.

Visual Kei

So you like Malice Mizer and Hyde. If you’re a music fan, and you’d like to try more eccentric and flamboyant getups, then visual kei would suit you a lot better. Classified with colorful clothes, unnatural makeup hues, and striking hair colors, visual kei was revolutionized by the male rock bands of Japanese, making them “stand out” from the crowd. The look can range from elegant to overpowering. Just like the music genre that it represents, visual kei is striking and wild. It’s not for the conservative.

How To Get This Look:
Aside from the wild mix of clothing, wear plenty of eyeliner and lipstick (yes, even if you’re a guy). Long bangs are also a must. Here are also a few tricks to help you out. The trick to this fashion is to never completely copy a certain band’s look. Mix and match, and create your own funky style. Otherwise, you’ll only look like a cosplayer.

Japan street fashion is certainly amazing and creative, so If you’re not afraid to turn heads, try these funky out-of-this-world getups. You’ll certainly stand out. Bring out your adventurous side and dress up like the Japanese do.