How to Stand Someone Up on a Date

Blind dates are hell for many people, and that persistent-yet-annoying suitor may keep on asking you out on a date even if you don’t want to. You “don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,” but let’s face it: there’s nothing like the joy of getting rid of that potential significant other you don’t want to spend any time with by standing him or her up. It may not be the most polite or civil thing to do, but if you’re willing to risk the future of the rest of your love life, here are some ways to stand someone up on a date.

Reschedule All Your Appointments

It may seem like the dirtiest trick in the book, but rescheduling all your appointments may give you a good reason to stand up the Date You Never Wanted. The reason why this remedy often fails is that people can see through an excuse very easily. Instead of making up a sorry excuse, you can make the appointment happen just in time:

  • Connive with your friends. Talk the plan over with your friends: either you have a new business venture, or a common friend you haven’t seen for a long while has just arrived years after he or she relocated. So as not to offend your date, offer to pay for his or her dinner.
  • Phone call. Nothing says “urgent” more than a phone call that you have to respond to just before the date. Instead of pretending to have a call, it’s best to have someone make a call for you to make the “event” seem more authentic.


If “appointment rescheduling” doesn’t work, you can always manage to pretend that something’s seriously wrong with you:

    • Dying of some wasting disease. Swine flu, perhaps? Think again: remember that when you’re pretending to be sick, don’t go all out with something like the plague. Try to exert some effort in your play-act. Try “your very best” to go to the date venue, but pretend that you have a very itchy throat, or that you can barely stand up.
  • Go to the other restaurant. If you’re dining in some well-known restaurant, chances are that there’s another branch of the place somewhere. You can attribute the failure to miscommunication. You can just say, “I thought we were dining in this restaurant… you want me to go there? Sure, but it will take quite a while…” In a few minutes, you can say goodbye to your date, and say hello to your freedom.

“Date” Someone Else

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you may need to pull off the big guns to stand up the Date You Never Wanted. Bear in mind that these tricks come across as even cheaper than the tips mentioned above, and you may end up in a worse situation than ever before. Yet if it does get rid of the Date You Never Wanted, it’s worth a try:

  • Find an old flame. Assuming that you’re already in good terms with your ex, you can play-act a scenario where you just got back together. Tell your date that it would be offensive to your “current relationship” if you go on, you’re sorry you didn’t tell him or her, and you might as well go your separate ways and stay friends. Chances are you won’t, but you did get rid of the Date You Never Wanted.
  • Reorient your sexual preferences… temporarily. When worse comes to worst, there’s nothing like a shock to the senses and the sensibilities. Get a guy friend (if you’re a guy) or a girl friend (if you’re a girl), and make the “revelation” that you just got in touch with you’re inner self and you’re now a homosexual, or a bisexual, or whatever fits your fancy. Not that there’s anything wrong with it: just explain to everyone (except your date) that you’re only doing it for your own peace of mind.
It’s never easy to get into a romantic pickle, but the best way to decline a date is to just say “No.” Yet if that doesn’t work, these tips may help you get out of a web of dating problems you don’t want to go through again.

* For more tips on expelling your blind date, read Top ten tips to gross out your blind date or you could just go on with the act and learn how to survive a blind date.

Four Famous (And Wacky) Wedding Themes For Movie-Loving Couples

Many couples in love dream of a traditional wedding, complete with a white cake, lovely flowers and a long white gown. Well, you’re not like those couples. You’re thinking of something that’s fabulous, but unique, and will show your love for a certain movie. With the many fun themes today, that’s not hard to do. Movie wedding themes can be very subtle or totally out of this world. If you’re looking for the latter, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi: Moulin Rouge Theme

Think about it: a stage blazing with fiery theater lights, an extravagant backdrop, and music, music, music. Your bridesmaids are courtesans wearing dazzling outfits, while you, the bride, will look like the sexy Satine, dressed from head to toe in silk and a corset. Your husband-to-be will be Christian, spouting poetry and declaring his undying love for you. All of this will be held in a Paris-style cabaret, at night.

If you and your partner love dancing, music and the spotlight, a Moulin Rouge theme will suit you fine. Hey, if you’re lucky (or really, really rich), you might even ask Baz Luhrmann coordinate the wedding for you.

Before You Say “I Do”
Ask your guests to come in can-can costumes. Feathers, sequins, ostrich feathers and satin gloves are a must. Prepare dance numbers and ask someone to sing songs from the film, like the romantic “Come What May” and the sexy “Lady Marmalade”. Don’t forget the French champagne and cocktails! For more ideas, check out these tips.

Live Long And Prosper: Star Trek Theme

Space may be the final frontier, but, getting married there is not possible (at least, not yet). The closest thing you can get is to have a Star Trek themed wedding. If you and your significant other are Trekkies, then you’ll love this theme. Imagine you’re Uhura and Spock, with the Klingons and Ferengi in attendance. Say your vows at the USS Enterprise’s bridge, while dressed in Starfleet uniforms. It’s a wedding unlike anything you’ll see in this galaxy.

You can go to Vegas and find a Star Trek chapel that will give you your dream wedding, or you can prepare your own wedding. It depends on your budget and your creativity!

Before You Say “I Do”
A celestial and sparkling gown will suit the bride, while the groom can wear a captain’s uniform. Use the theme music of the original series for the bridal march. Get a wedding cake in the shape of the Starship Enterprise. Finally, why not say “Aye, aye, Sir”, instead of “I do”?

Relive The Magic: Harry Potter Theme

So you can’t get enough of The Boy Who Lived and his wizarding friends. If you’re Potter supporters, why not inject this fun theme into your wedding? It’ll be perfect: the venue would be the Hogwarts castle (an old-fashioned hotel would do), the invitations written on parchments, and the guests will have to come in wizard robes, complete with wands and broomsticks. You can ask “Dumbledore” to preside over the ceremony.

One tip: This wedding theme is fun, but try not to go overboard. Otherwise, your intimate event will end up like a kiddie birthday party.

Before You Say “I Do”
Here are some useful wedding invitation, favors and wedding cake tips, to help you plan this special day.

An Intergalactic Love Affair: Star Wars Theme

Who isn’t familiar with Luke Skywalker and the evil Sith Darth Vader? Perhaps, you can give this adventurous tale a romatic twist, just like this couple. You and your spouse-to-be can join together like Hans Solo and Leia, or like Anakin and Amidala. Ask your guests to come in their favorite costumes, Jedi or alien. Use the opening music for the bridal march.

Before You Say “I Do”
Top your wedding cake with Star Wars figurine, or model the cake after a famous ship. Name treats after Star wars characters, such as “Chewbacca Chicken” or “Yoda frozen yogurt” (Learn how to decorate a wedding cake). Maybe you can even ask the minister to say “May the force be with you” at the end of the ceremony.

Any hardcore fan wants to feel as if they’ve really stepped into the film, even on their wedding day. So what are you waiting for? Get your lists out, your costumes dry-cleaned, and prepare to have a unique and wonderful time at your themed wedding. It’s a romantic and out-of-this-world affair everyone will enjoy! For more information on wedding dresses, read A bride’s guide to popular wedding dress styles..

Four Ways to Get Rid of an Attention Hog

Everyone has that friend who has the desire to be the center of attention all the time. It’s okay to have his or her company for a few minutes, but he or she just becomes an insecure, self-centered attention seeker whom you cannot stand hanging out with for too long. Here are some ways to get rid of an attention hog.

Zone Out

Attention-seekers tend to exploit your graciousness and your willingness to listen. Once they start talking about themselves or their opinions on things, they can’t seem to stop. They have the tendency to become emotional vampires because they are too preoccupied with making themselves the center of everyone’s attention. The more you entertain an attention-hog, he or she will find ways to completely space you out of the conversation, and attempt to divert your attention to his or her stories and antics.

While you can accommodate the irritation that comes with having an attention hog for a friend, you can instead zone out. Let the conversation get in one ear, but you can always let it out the other. While you can give your friend the impression that you’re listening, you can think about other things other than the one-way conversation taking place.

Change the Topic

Some people are smooth talkers, but not even the most conversational people can talk about everything. A quick topic change can help a lot to send a message to your friend that he or she does not need to involve himself or herself with every conversation. Attention-hogs butt in on every interesting conversation. If you want to get rid of an attention hog and you want to space him or her out of the conversation, you may want to sustain a conversation that’s not interesting at all.

Here are some ideas for topics:

  • Insurance, mortgaging (tell them how to pay down your mortgage faster), and the stock market (or something else that is meant to be boring)
  • American foreign policy in Uzbekistan (or some other topic your friend knows nothing about)
  • A long history of marshmallows in ancient Egypt (it will get interesting, but it starts off boring)
  • Generic Pharmacy in Italy (Viagra vs erectile dysfunction)

Assert Yourself

Attention-seekers are “bullies,” in the sense that they invade your personal space by robbing you of your undivided attention and monopolizing conversations. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and your right to space:

  • Stand your ground. Sometimes it’s best to politely but sternly tell your friend that he or she is becoming quite disruptive and annoying, and that it may be more respectful for him or her to listen to conversations more than just trying to interject or interrupt.
  • Leave the conversation. If your patience is sorely tested by an attention-hog, it may do you good to just excuse yourself from the conversation, and leave. Your friend may take that as a sign that you’re irritated, and that he or she can take a hint from your actions.

Talk About Yourself a Lot

Turning the tables on an attention-seeker can make him or her realize how annoying or hurtful it can be to be spaced out of a conversation. You can show him or her an example of his or her own bad behavior by talking about yourself and what you think of things, events, and issues. By talking about yourself a lot, you can space out the attention-hog from the conversation and make him or her learn a valuable lesson in etiquette.


Attention hogs pig out on every conversation, leaving no room for other people to talk and to interact. With these steps, you can get rid of an attention hog and give everyone their space to talk and to participate in events and gatherings. If you enjoyed reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of childish people too.

How Not to Become a Bridezilla

You’ve heard the horror stories about bridezillas: They obsess over every detail, harass their wedding coordinators and terrorize their relatives on how exactly to look so as not to overshadow the bride. You’ve sworn never to become one, but you want your wedding to be perfect! You’ve been dreaming about it your whole life! Remember: Even the nicest girls can become a bridezilla if they’re not careful. Here’s how you can still get the wedding of your dreams and still have someone other than your husband love you after the wedding.

It’s Not Just About You


This may take a while to digest. Ready? The wedding is not just about you. It’s also about the man you’re marrying. Since it is as much as his day as it is yours, he should be involved from day one until the wedding banquet is over. Plan things together, do things together, and you’ll realize that not only do you have to be so iron-fisted over everything, things may be put in perspective and you’ll have an easier time planning the wedding.

If you claim that your fiancé is “not that into that,” then maybe you’re not giving him a chance. He may not know anything about the right combination of flowers, but he can give you input on food and wine. He can also give you advice on what looks good on you. He can also help out with figuring out finances and coordinating tasks. Try to guide him in areas he’s unfamiliar with. When you think about it, planning your wedding is one of the first tasks you’ll do with him as a team, and it will be really indicative of how your teamwork as a couple will be in the future.

Learn to Compromise

No one in this world is perfect (not even your fiancé), and because wedding coordinators, wedding caterers and florists are only human, the only conclusion is that the wedding will not be perfect. Keep your demands on minimum. Learn when to make a compromises. After all, married life is going to be full of compromises too.

When do you compromise and when to say no? For example, if your budget can’t afford the type of flowers you want, then switch to another type. That’s a compromise. If the florist delivers ugly and dying flowers, you say no. Try to get the best service possible, but do not force the impossible.

Compromising can also mean letting go on the little details, such as the shoes of your bridesmaids (they don’t match!) or the last-minute change in the buffet table arrangement (For more information regarding bridesmaid dresses, read The Four Simple Steps for bridesmaid dresses). Don’t micro-manage everything. Be gracious to people working with you on the wedding, be polite to them, be articulate on what you want, reward them as you should, and don’t bully them. They are people, not your minions.

Stress Management

Brides often become bridezillas because of the stress of planning a wedding. As mentioned earlier, you can get rid of stress by having your fiancé pitch in. Another way to avoid stress is to start planning a year earlier so you don’t have to do a crash course on everything.

Other people can pitch in too, but don’t let them dictate what your wedding should be. In-laws and parents want to help, but they usually come with their own ideas for the wedding. Stick to your own game plan, and don’t let them bring unnecessary stress. Just remind them that this you and your fiancé’s wedding, and doing it your way is what will make you happy. (Tips on how to manage your time)

Take Time Off

Make a conscious effort to spend time with friends, family and fiancé NOT talking about your wedding preparations. Talking about it won’t help, so why not spend time catching up with your loved ones instead. Remember, talking about wedding preparations is only exciting to the bride and groom, rarely to anyone else. Spend your bachelorette party not talking about the wedding, and simply chill!


Another way to take time off is to volunteer at a charitable institution, like a soup kitchen. This will help put things into perspective and remind you of the more meaningful things in life.


If all else fails, and you just don’t want a fancy-pants wedding, just elope. You can surprise friends and family (no nagging!), plus you don’t have to wear a restricting wedding gown. In the end, it’s the marriage that matters, not the day-long event of the wedding.

5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk

Party and alcohol are the ultimate duo to spice up a night. Do you know what happened last weekend? Maybe you don’t because you were so drunk to even remember who took you home. Partying all night without being dead drunk doesn’t mean you have to be a party pooper and miss your favorite vodka concoction. Here are 5 easy ways to avoid getting stone-drunk in a party.

Flirting is an Art of Self Expression

No, this is not to promote promiscuity. Flirting, though may be seen as an act of expressing romantic interests on somebody, is really just a way of social interaction. There’s nothing wrong with being a social butterfly once in a while. If you act and talk properly, you won’t be sending out wrong signals to people. Keep the conversations light. Get on the dance floor and show off your jaw-dropping dance moves. By the end of the night, you get to have 2 things : new names on your social network and a calendar packed with upcoming parties and events.

Warning: Just to stay on the safe side, remember that singles are for singles. Never flirt with fire. Of course, you already know what that means. (Tips on how to fl irt)

Polish Up on Your Acting Skills

Ever imagined yourself as a Hollywood star? After a few wine glasses, act like you’ve already had enough. Squint your eyes a little and move your head slowly to make it look like the world is spinning around you. Master the craft of slurring. Interject incongruent words within a conversation and act like you didn’t just say anything out of context. Excuse yourself every couple of minutes to go to the powder room. Wipe your lips as you approach your table to show that you just puked. When drinking beer, burp as loudly as you can. If burps don’t appeal to you, hiccups are the next best thing.

Don’t exaggerate. You don’t want to get busted on your act. It might be hard to do this with your closest friends, but this will work when you’re with people who don’t know you that well.

Feign Amnesia

This technique would work best when you’re doing shots and you’re friends are already tipsy. Be the one in charge of passing the shot glass around. When it’s your turn to have a shot, fill the glass and wait for a few minutes. Get into an animated conversation. Distract all your friends’ attention from the shot, then give the shot glass to the person beside you. If you’re passing the glass to the person before you and he insists that he already took his shot, tell him you don’t remember seeing him down the shot. If you’re giving the glass to the person next to you, and your friend tells you that you haven’t had your turn, act confused and say that you already took your shot, you just can’t remember when because you were so into the conversation awhile ago. You may also just announce that you forgot where the shot ended and you have to do the round again. Start with the person farthest from you.

Booze Up

Offer to make your friend a drink and put more alcohol in his drink than yours. If you’re in a bar, ask the bartender to do this for you. You may also just get yourself a glass of sprite and say you’re drinking vodka sprite. No one will know the difference!


This is the act of faking a medical problem. In simple words, act like you’re sick. Tell your friends that you’ve been advised to cutback on alcohol because of a condition like gastric ulcer or a liver disease. Dive into a medical conversation about your illness and you’re sure to have your friends putting alcohol as far away from you as they can.

There are many alternatives to stay sober in a party, but the easiest way is to just say no. Know when to stop and then stop. If you’re in the company of real friends, this won’t be a problem. Have a good party and go easy on that margarita! If you learn from reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy learning how to get rid of alcohol breath.

How Not to Gamble in Las Vegas

Planning for a vacation in Las Vegas but gambling is not an option? If you’re traveling with children or you’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy your time in Las Vegas without having to go to the casinos, you can go to the places the locals go to themselves. Here’s how to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas without having to spend for gambling.

Get Remarried

While getting married in Las Vegas is cliché as it can get, remarrying certainly isn’t. Get married in a number of chapels, and you can even get your remarriage officiated by Elvis or even an alien. When it comes to Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless. (see The Guide To Vegas Weddings)

Hoover Dam

You can actually go to Las Vegas and enjoy the outdoors. How? By visiting Hoover Dam! Found on the border between Arizona and Nevada, Hoover Dam provides you a breathtaking view of the powers of nature. You can also take pretty good pictures of the real thing…no fake backgrounds needed.

Lake Mead

If you’ve just finished visiting Hoover Dam, you can stop by Lake Mead for a round of peaceful fishing. Lake Mead is actually formed by the water impounded by Hoover Dam. Being so close to nature can actually make you forget that you’re in Las Vegas, which is more famous for its casino strip.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a place you must go to when you’re into hiking and rock climbing. Not only will you be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery, you’ll get to see beautiful rock formations and the Canyon’s own zoo. Animals are also abound in the wild, so keep your eyes out for them.

Ghost Town in Bonnie Springs

If you’re looking for something the whole family will enjoy, you’ll be definitely having fun in the Ghost Town in Bonnie Springs. The ghost town is also a wild wild west-themed extravaganza, a replica of the mining town built there in the late 1800’s. Located in Old Nevada, you can enjoy tours in haunted houses, visit petting zoos, go down haunted paths, enjoy magic shows and even listen to live bands. There’s also a train ride and an opportunity for your kids to look for “bandits” hiding in this quaint old town.

Visit the Mirage

If you ever are seized by an urge to gaze at white tigers, going to the Mirage is the place to go. You can watch them in their transparent cages and see them splash about in their pools. You can also watch the dolphin show, but of course, they’re not swimming with the tigers.

Catch the Shows

Casinos are usually related to gambling, but these days they play host to a number of interesting shows as well. From Celine Dion to Ziegfried and Roy to Cirque de Soleil, there are a number of shows that you can watch while in Las Vegas. Whether it’s music or arts or magic tricks, Las Vegas is ready for all your needs.

Good Eats

Las Vegas boasts of quite a number of good restaurants, but don’t let your avoidance of gambling circuits lead to avoidance of the casinos. Most casinos and their hotels have very good menus on their side. So take a chance and try out what they have to offer.

New York New York

Ever wanted to visit two places at the same time? Las Vegas offers a chance to visit New York without you ever having to board a plane. Visit Las Vegas’ version of New York whittled down to a 1/3 of the scale. If you’re a New Yorker, you can check the details if they all ring true.

Buccaneer Bay

If you and your kids are into pirates and maritime battles, Buccaneer Bay is just for you. Buccaneer at the entrance of Treasure Island features a maritime battle of the British Royal Navy against pirates, every evening from 4:00 pm to 11:30 pm. It features special effects, props and stuntmen battling it out!

Las Vegas can be very surprising outside the gambling. All it takes is a little more effort to look closer and appreciate its other facets. Take your time looking about and discover a whole new side to Las Vegas. Have fun! If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be interested in learning how to save in Las Vegas.