5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk

Party and alcohol are the ultimate duo to spice up a night. Do you know what happened last weekend? Maybe you don’t because you were so drunk to even remember who took you home. Partying all night without being dead drunk doesn’t mean you have to be a party pooper and miss your favorite vodka concoction. Here are 5 easy ways to avoid getting stone-drunk in a party.

Flirting is an Art of Self Expression

No, this is not to promote promiscuity. Flirting, though may be seen as an act of expressing romantic interests on somebody, is really just a way of social interaction. There’s nothing wrong with being a social butterfly once in a while. If you act and talk properly, you won’t be sending out wrong signals to people. Keep the conversations light. Get on the dance floor and show off your jaw-dropping dance moves. By the end of the night, you get to have 2 things : new names on your social network and a calendar packed with upcoming parties and events.

Warning: Just to stay on the safe side, remember that singles are for singles. Never flirt with fire. Of course, you already know what that means. (Tips on how to fl irt)

Polish Up on Your Acting Skills

Ever imagined yourself as a Hollywood star? After a few wine glasses, act like you’ve already had enough. Squint your eyes a little and move your head slowly to make it look like the world is spinning around you. Master the craft of slurring. Interject incongruent words within a conversation and act like you didn’t just say anything out of context. Excuse yourself every couple of minutes to go to the powder room. Wipe your lips as you approach your table to show that you just puked. When drinking beer, burp as loudly as you can. If burps don’t appeal to you, hiccups are the next best thing.

Don’t exaggerate. You don’t want to get busted on your act. It might be hard to do this with your closest friends, but this will work when you’re with people who don’t know you that well.

Feign Amnesia

This technique would work best when you’re doing shots and you’re friends are already tipsy. Be the one in charge of passing the shot glass around. When it’s your turn to have a shot, fill the glass and wait for a few minutes. Get into an animated conversation. Distract all your friends’ attention from the shot, then give the shot glass to the person beside you. If you’re passing the glass to the person before you and he insists that he already took his shot, tell him you don’t remember seeing him down the shot. If you’re giving the glass to the person next to you, and your friend tells you that you haven’t had your turn, act confused and say that you already took your shot, you just can’t remember when because you were so into the conversation awhile ago. You may also just announce that you forgot where the shot ended and you have to do the round again. Start with the person farthest from you.

Booze Up

Offer to make your friend a drink and put more alcohol in his drink than yours. If you’re in a bar, ask the bartender to do this for you. You may also just get yourself a glass of sprite and say you’re drinking vodka sprite. No one will know the difference!


This is the act of faking a medical problem. In simple words, act like you’re sick. Tell your friends that you’ve been advised to cutback on alcohol because of a condition like gastric ulcer or a liver disease. Dive into a medical conversation about your illness and you’re sure to have your friends putting alcohol as far away from you as they can.

There are many alternatives to stay sober in a party, but the easiest way is to just say no. Know when to stop and then stop. If you’re in the company of real friends, this won’t be a problem. Have a good party and go easy on that margarita! If you learn from reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy learning how to get rid of alcohol breath.